Boosting Employee Morale and Well Being During Covid-19

As a result of recent developments and with an increase in remote working and government requests for individuals to social distance, employee morale is rapidly declining. Many employees face new challenges and may find themselves overwhelmed with the change to their normal routine, which stems from a variety of factors.

Below you can find tips to boost employee morale and well-being during this difficult time.

1. Keep employees informed

  • It is essential that employers keep in regular contact with their employees throughout this period of uncertainty. Email communications should be clear and concise focusing on important pieces of information that will keep employees up to date.
  • Employers should consider implementing regular team check-in meetings via video or conference call. At the start of each meeting dedicate a specific amount of time for social conversation, this will allow employees to reconnect.

2. Promote work-life balance

  • Encourage employees to establish a new working routine, which should incorporate regular small breaks during the working day.
  • Ensure that employees know that they are not expected to work additional hours (if possible) and that they should switch-off once their working day is over.

3. Ask for feedback

  • While for many employers the introduction of remote working for their workforce may be unprecedented, suggestions from employees should be welcomed.
  • While employees may not be physically present in the office, they may still have opinions over how the business is operating and how it could be improved.

4. Be flexible and empathetic

  • Where the nature of the business allows for flexibility, employers should consider allowing employees to vary their working hours to suit their new arrangements. Employees’ productivity levels when they are free from distraction will also benefit employers.
  • Employers could also consider introducing set core hours that all employees must be available at but allow employees to work their additional hours at other times convenient for them.

5. Employee Assistance Programs

  • Employers should consider introducing an Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) which offers free and confidential support to employees.
  • Employees who have access to an EAP tend to have better performance and motivation than employees who do not have access to an EAP.


Tact HR Services can assist organisations with queries on remote working in the context of Covid-19, and in developing its response strategy, drafting communications and policies, and advising on specific risk situations as required.