If you’re encountering any of the tricky people problems below, reach out and let us help you.

Disability Dilemma

Your employee just handed you a one liner doctor’s note saying they’ll be off sick until next quarter.

Now what?

Poor Performance Problem

One of your team members is not performing and you don’t know how to help them to turn it around.

How can you keep them from costing you big time?

Turnover Trouble

It seems like you just get employees trained up and they’re out the door!

How do you keep top talent these days? How do you hire better in the first place?

Compensation Conundrum

Can’t compete with the big companies when it comes to rewarding your employees?

What do employees really want?

Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

You know there’s a right and wrong way to handle things like employee drug testing, maternity leaves, and work accommodation but you’re not confident Google is a good stand-in for solid HR advice.

Performance Evaluation Pain

You know that assessing your employees is central to developing and rewarding your employees but how do you do that in an office that prides itself on being fun, cool and flexible?

Petty Policies

You always thought that setting a bunch of policies in your office would stifle people – that was until you got nailed with a huge legal bill caused by unclear policies. YIKES!

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