Tact HR Services templates are your turnkey solution to creating reliable, repeatable processes and handling people-related issues legally and professionally. The following documents are designed to be customized for your unique circumstance. You will want to add your business name and logo to the templates you choose.


Each template purchase includes unlimited consultation regarding the particular template you bought for the singular circumstance you are currently dealing with. Let us assist you with any questions or adaptations you are considering.


These documents reflect current Alberta Employment Standards, the Human Rights Act for Alberta, and provincial privacy measures and are reviewed regularly by an Alberta employment lawyer to ensure they are sound.


As outlined in the Waiver you will have access to upon purchase of any template, any changes you make to the template may alter adherence to provincial legislation. If you make material changes to the templates, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the document.


Purchase a customizable business form and/or policy today. For further human resources materials or advice, our HR Advisors are here to support your company’s needs and provide on-demand support.

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