At Tact, we are here to offer you advice you can easily use and implement. When you have the right employees who are hired, trained and managed well, the result is happier employees and lower costs.

Here are some of the specific HR services we specialize in:

  • Answering questions about employee issues that need to be handled legally following laws set out by Alberta Employment Standards, Human Rights, Privacy Act, etc.
  • Hiring top talent to fill your businesses’ job vacancies.
  • Guiding you through an orientation and onboarding process tailored for your company and designed to welcome, engage, and retain your team members.
  • Helping you handle those issues causing you headaches and ultimately costing you money like performance issues, harassment investigations, and terminations.
  • Supporting complex procedures like setting up maternity leaves, dealing with disability issues, handling abandonment of employment, etc.
  • Facilitating fair compensation and rewards for your employees through research, comparative analysis, and well-designed performance evaluations.
  • Providing templates, forms, and policies that save you time and consequently money.

How We Work

Your business isn’t exactly like your neighbour’s or your competitor’s. That’s why we don’t believe in one-size fits all when it comes to HR support.

We are here to create a partnership that works best for you, and frees you to focus on your growth.

Tact HR Services can provide specific advice on demand, on a project basis or through an established retainer where you would have us on speed dial as a trusted partner when things come up.

Curious to see how we can help?

Reach out to us for a complimentary conversation. We’ll guide you on what is the best approach for you – both in the short term when you just need to get a current employee issue dealt with, and over the longer term to help avoid issues before they become costly, time-sucking problems!