Hiring is not as simple as whipping up a Kijiji ad, having a quick conversation and handing someone the keys.

Without careful consideration in the tasks that a new hire should look after, and more importantly, what type of person would fit in to your team and your business, you might put out the wrong “ask” when recruiting.

Proven Recruitment Process

Tact’s recruitment process starts with an up-to-date job description, a carefully crafted and enticing job posting, right down to testing for the perfect fit in an individual, and a legal offer letter using current market salary information.

Onboarding & Orientation for Success

We don’t stop at the offer letter. Tact offers an Onboarding & Orientation (O&O) process and training so your new talent feels welcome, prepared, and engaged – key ingredients to ensuring your investment in recruitment leads to loyalty, not turn over.

A big part of O&O is a complete Employee Handbook – including policies, procedures, benefit information, and all the information employees need to understand your businesses’ culture, what you have to offer them, and where they fit into the big picture.

Talent is your most valuable resource; Tact won’t leave you tapped out.